At work, we can redesign jobs to better align with our values, strengths and passions, in a process called job crafting. Managers and leaders need to see the creation of purpose for members of their team as something they help facilitate. Again, it begins with helping people build self-awareness. This is the most important variable. How do we help people get to know themselves?
it may be better to think of tablets, laptops and desktops as one ‘big screen’ segment, all of which compete with smartphones, and for which the opportunity is just smaller than that for smartphones. And so tablets will over time eat away at laptop and desktop sales just as laptops ate away at desktop sales, but the truly transformative new category is the smartphone. Maybe.
Since WeChat is one of the most widely used social networks in China and Asia, it’s important for Burberry to have an active presence on the platform and drive traffic to this platform,” he said. “It’s all about creating a relevant community for this new store, which is why a storyline was created around the Shanghai store opening.
social media companies are platforms for the expression of millions of opinions, while a brand is the expression of one specific opinion — and the brands that will be born from now on will stand for very specific opinions. Indeed, they must mean more to fewer people than ever before if they hope to achieve success.